How 12th Tribe 4x'd Their Conversion Rates in 60 Days

How 12th Tribe 4x'd Their Conversion Rates in 60 Days

12th Tribe is on a mission to dress customers for their favorite memories. They added Polls to help shoppers get input from their friends while browsing their online store, and the results are incredible:

Word-of-Mouth Growth

Getting input from friends is a critical part of the purchase journey for online retail. With 12th Tribe, we turned this existing behavior into a word of mouth growth engine. With a single tap, shoppers can turn their cart into a poll and share into their group chat on iMessage or WhatsApp.

Not only is this a fun and helpful tool for shoppers to get input from their friends, but by sending branded 12th Tribe Polls this drives incredible word-of-mouth growth for the store.

The best part? Your current customers’ friends are your perfect ICP. Just look at the conversion rate we saw from new users coming in from polls.

Boosting Conversion Rate

Organic traffic is gold, we all know this, we can all see it in the metrics. Customers that come to your store organically typically have a 5X higher LTV than those acquired by paid ads. Why? Trust.

When someone hears about your store from a friend, it builds trust for your brand in a way that ads can’t. That trust translates to more confidence for buyers and higher conversion rates.

With 12th Tribe, we measured the conversion rate of the new users that came in from Polls and saw a 4.2x increase in conversion rate compared to the average visitor, and a massive increase in AOV as well.