How Polls Drove Over $200k in New Revenue for a Swimwear Brand Before Summer

How Polls Drove Over $200k in New Revenue for a Swimwear Brand Before Summer


Founded in 2003, Luli Fama is a globally recognized women’s luxury swim and resort wear brand. They were spending most of their marketing budget on Facebook and Instagram ads, but found that it was becoming more expensive to acquire new visitors and challenging to convert them into customers.

Luli Fama added Polls near the end of February 2024 because they recognized that shoppers wanted to get input from friends, and they wanted a more efficient way to acquire new customers. 


Polls immediately became Luli Fama’s most effective channel for generating sales from new customers. Poll recipients (“Voters”) have a 33% conversion rate and a $328 AOV, which led to $202k in new sales for Luli Fama during the spring of 2024. 

The conversion rate for Poll Senders was even higher, more than 23x higher than their conversion rate from other channels. 


Luli Fama validated their hypothesis that shoppers wanted approval from their friends, and that streamlining this process would benefit their business. Polls built trust for their brand in a way that paid ads could not.

Luli Fama also learned more about where potential customers were coming from and which products they were interested in via Polls’ behavioral intelligence capabilities. 

“Customers love sending polls and the results have been incredible. Polls is lightning in a bottle for e-commerce brands”
Natalie, CEO at Luli Fama